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D E S C R I P T I O N :


VTC Horoscope is a modern & minimalist rendition of a Victorian-esque style typeface.

This 19th century style of typography is typically characterized by exaggerated flourishes and ornamentation. A style still very popular today with artisanal signage, apothecary labels, legal documents, etc.

Much like some of the popular typefaces of that time, this font has a higher stroke contrast, smooth serifs, and a slightly extended x-height, however ditches the flourishes & fluff for a bit more weight & legibility.

Perfect for big bold headlines that spark curiosity and attention.

Horoscope has also been upgraded with 2 more serif weights, and 3 new sans serif styles. Now a family of 6 fonts in total, each with Adobe Latin 1 support, plus catchwords and alternate fractions.

*Activate catchwords by typing ‘cw’ + the word in all caps ( e.g. cwTHE ). 

L I C E N S I N G   O P T I O N S :

Vintage Type Company Commercial License 2018  Commercial License
 Vintage Type Company Corporate License 2018 Corporate License
 Vintage Type Company Industrial License 2018 Industrial License
Click here to view the EULA and terms related to each type of license to make sure you choose the right option.


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