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Vintage Type Co. Extended License

This extended license agreement grants you the rights included in Vintage Type Co.’s standard license in addition to the terms listed below.


Printed Re-Selling

This license grants you the rights to use [FONT] on any printed or digital goods (t-shirts, posters, mugs, etc.)  that you intend to repeatedly re-sell, and where [FONT] provides the core value of the product (i.e. typographic t-shirts).



You may install [FONT] on up to 12 computers & you may use [FONT] on an unlimited amount of projects. Giving the font to anyone, including printers other than for specific jobs, that isn’t included in the original 12 chosen licensed owners, is strictly prohibited.


Web/App Usage

This license grants the rights to use [FONT] in any web or app projects. Web font files were included with your download however you’re free to convert the fonts on your own, to your liking.


If you’re unsure about any of the rights or limitations of this license please don’t hesitate to send any of your inquiries  to - Less than 24hr response time!